Vote on DREAM Act Scheduled for Saturday

Youth advocates for the DREAM Act call Senators at the New York State Youth Leadership Council - Photo: Catalina Jaramillo

Youth advocates for the DREAM Act call Senators at the NYS Youth Leadership Council. (Photo: Catalina Jaramillo)

The fate of the DREAM Act and the Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell policy for gays in the U.S. military may be determined as early as Saturday. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Thursday evening that he would file cloture on the two bills, both of which were passed by the House this month. The cloture vote will test whether supporters of the two measures can muster the necessary 60 votes to overcome a potential filibuster.  Reid’s announcement came just a few hours after he agreed to pass a short term spending package rather than an omnibus package that will fund the government through February.

The vote on the DREAM Act, a bill that would allow young undocumented immigrants who meet a set of requirements to apply for legal status, will come first. If it gets 60 votes to end debate, then there will be a final vote on Sunday. The same goes for the repeal of Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell. Those votes will be followed by a vote on the short-term spending bill, which is expected to pass, and then the START treaty, which aims to reduce U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals.

As Fi2W has reported, DREAM Act advocates have launched a non-stop campaign calling senators who they hope to bring to their side. Advocates in New York are focusing on Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins.  The two moderate Republicans are among a small group of senators that DREAM Act supporters are focusing on in the final day before the vote.


  1. mike

    Come on what are you worried about? They extended unemployment, which leaves people in your position free to continue to roam the internet spewing fear, lies and hatred about the BROWN menace, instead of applying for jobs you can get and not ones you don’t want. You are free to sit back on vacation while the rest of us work and worry about the social problems that are affecting us and when it will be about people rather then dollars and cents. I am an American citizen and US military service member and my wife is a DREAMER, she is more grounded, intellectual and driven then 75% of these American Kids spoon feed me generation, while I worry about dying my hair purple and wearing skinny jeans and being EMO about having it so good. LOL it is all a big Joke. I have served in both major conflicts and been to 13 different countries, in the fight to protect you and your family. Who is protecting mine?

  2. Pedro

    I just hope that they get in the bill a visa retrogression so the backlog for so many legal immigrants can get shorter. Hopefully something to end up the visa backlog.

  3. No to the DREAM Act

    Young (up to age 30) illegal immigrants should go back to their country of birth. Their illegal alien parents can send them remittance money from the jobs they have stolen here in the United States.

    If a burglar boosts his kid into my living room and then argues that I should adopt her because she didn’t choose to be deposited in my home — well, anyone would laugh themselves sick at such a notion. But that is what is happening here. Illegal aliens snuck foreign-born children into the U.S. in hopes that just such a reward as the DREAM Act would materialize. This Act rewards law-breaking and encourages more.

    This is a problem between illegal alien parents and their children — the American people have no responsibilitiy here except to find the entire illegal alien population and deport it.

    And the white illegal aliens can be deported first for all anyone cares — it’s not a matter of race, it’s a matter of law.

    p.s. Interesting that advocates in New York are focusing on Maine senators — shouldn’t the people of Maine be telling their Senators their views? After all, the senators in Maine were not elected to represent the people of New York.

  4. illegalreporter

    I do feel bad for the kids, it’s not their fault they were bought is not America’s fault either. We owe them nothing. Their parents are the ones who put their kids into this position, not America….with that said, I would Consider supporting the Dream Act if their was a provision that Clearly stated that the Dreamers could Never file for legal status of their parents, siblings, anyone EVER. But it does not say that so I do not support it At All…as it stands now once they will be able to file for legal status of their parents, etc after 10 years…just in time for their parents to reach senior citizen age and collect Welfare and other government services for their remaining days…all at the American taxpayers expense. In the end it would reward those who bought the kids here in the first place. Screw that!!

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  6. hopefull dreamer

    I am a DREAMER. I was brought to the United States when I was 5 months old. I went to school here and graduated from high school. I love this place of mine.(yes, it is mine because I know more about America than I do Mexico) My most fluent language, and one that I consider to be the first one, is English. My second is Spanish. I love learning and hope to one day be an English teacher. I want to inspire and educate young minds like my educators did for me. A task that I cannot do without the help of the Dream Act.
    If you speed and the police stops you, do they give the ticket to your child? No! I do not blame my parents for putting me in the position I am today. I understand that they brought us here for good reasons and therfore, I do not think it fair to fault them. We have lived here in the US for 20 so years and we have paid our taxes. I myself was a volunteer at school, was a member of clubs, was a student teacher, among many other things.
    I have many legal friends who have gone to college and don’t seem to appreciate it. They go out and party, skip class, and lack the heart to follow through on their assignments. Yet, there are many of illegal friends I know who desire nothing more than to go to college, study, and become something that will help contribute to the US. Why would anyone want to deprive a future doctor, lawyer, educator, etc. their education? One of us could be the person that saves your life one day. All we ask for is a chance to become something of ourselves. To strive to become better and to give back to the place we know more about than our own birth place. Passing the Dream Act is not going to raise illegal immigration issues. It will help. The Dream Act will not apply for those who cross now which means that those people will then come the correct way. If the Dream Act is passed, we still have to spend a fair amount of time before we can officially be citizens and before we can ask for family members. What would you do if you were in our situation? Would you lose hope and heart in the Dream Act or would you be like me and continue to persuade others to favor the Dream Act? What if it was your children? Would you let them suffer for your actions?

  7. izabel

    Illegals; probably some toting more kids that will one day want assylum; just killed a U.S. Customs agent. They ought to deport illegals regardless of age or how they got here as quickly as possible. They should be made to pick up the dirty diapers that are polluting the desert on their way out.

  8. hopefull dreamer

    Izabel, illegal immigrants are not the only ones who kill. I know for a fact that a prison holds people of all kind no matter what race. So if you are opposed to the Dream Act on the basis that we are “killers” then that just shows how unjust the opposing party is. Not only that but, it would mean that you do not have a concrete basis to hate us and take away our will to be educated.

  9. Gilberto ramos

    People!You should have FAITH in our politicians…thanks to them,we get what we have.If it weren’t for politicians,we would fall into the Anarchy.GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  10. ana maria gallardo espinoza

    I think than is the best chance for our sons they need the dream act. for a better future in this country I hope than God help us.

  11. izabel

    I am not calling all Illegals killers but in most juridictions if someone is engaged in an illegal activity and a person is killed; they are considered to be as guilty of murder as the person who pulled the trigger. Sneaking accross the border is against the law. It is an illegal activity. It’s really a moot point however; since the Dream Act will fail and once the Republicans take control of the House it won’t even be considered again for years to come…

  12. hopefull dreamer

    I agree with you on one thing, sneaking across the border IS illegal and should not be done. Many people lose their lives for “a better chance” I also agree that since an illegal act is done, punishment should be given but also think about this… fair punishment to the children of those who crossed to be sent away to a place they don’t know anything or little of? It would be like punishing Your children for your acts. We didn’t ask to be in this predicament. If punishment is given it should be fair. Without the dream act millions of found innocents will lose everything they’ve strived for. Not only that, but also lose what the parents hoped to achieve by coming here: a better life for their children.

  13. izabel

    Hopeful Dreamer. I just asked my Dad to rob a bank for me so I could have the better life that he wanted for me. HE SAID “NO. It’s illegal.” Your problem is with your parents; not the citizens of the US. If your parents had followed the rules you might already be here legally with a bright future instead of having to exhist as a quasi-criminal; lurking in the shadows who alwsys has to be looking over their shoulder…

  14. izabel

    The Dream Act just failed. The votes were not there for passage. Maybe some of you should consider returning to where you belong and then returning to the U.S. LEGALLY. If you really have skills and speak English fluently you should be able to return with the necessary status to get ahead. Good Luck…

  15. jonathan holbrook

    it is really a joke… ! did someone mentioned that immigrants stole the jobs from americans?. remember these two facts:first, i love this country and i believe that there are lots of good people in this great country. but, european americans( whites in america who came from europe many years ago) and black americans( who came from africa many years ago) are very lazy people in general. on the other hand mexicans are the hardest working people out there…they deserve the jobs. so whites and blacks go take a break…drink your 6 packs or smoke your weed and call sick the next morning or you cant work because your car broke. secondly; which is a fact: lots of immigrants love america more than those states governers or senates or representatives…those politicians they do not care for america. they worry about their seats, they tell you this and that and immigrants are ba for our economy, that is all part of politics games they play. most immigrants love america because they feel alive in this country. politicians do not even care about you or me;they are enjoying their luxury life. IF ANY BODY LOVES AMERICA HE OR SHE WILL DO ANY THING TO COME IN IT COULD BE HARD;BUT NO HUMAN LAW COULD STOP THEM.

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