Author: Diego Graglia

Bio: Diego Graglia is a bilingual multimedia journalist who has worked at major media outlets in the U.S. and Latin America. He is currently the editor-in-chief at Expansion, Meixco’s leading business magazine.


Latin America to U.S.: Tsk-Tsk

Posted on: 24 Sep 2008

Miami is sometimes half-jokingly called “the capital of Latin America,” for its concentration of Latin American expats, Latin American corporation headquarters and even vacation homes for the region’s richest. No wonder then that both Senators John McCain and Barack Obama opted to outline their potential foreign policy towards the region while campaigning in Florida last […]

A Heated Week: NY Times Chastises Candidates for Lying on Immigration

Posted on: 19 Sep 2008

Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain have been going at each other’s throats in Spanish-language TV commercials on the issue of immigration. As we’ve reported through this week (here, here, here, here and here), the ads – and the candidate’s remarks to Latino audiences – were not always accurate or truthful — and the two candidates […]

The Mother of All Battleground States: Can Florida's Hispanics Help Obama?

Posted on: 18 Sep 2008

After Sen. John McCain campaigned across Florida earlier this week, Sen. Barack Obama arrives in the Sunshine State tomorrow. Recent polls show Obama either tied or several points behind his Republican rival. Florida is not only the mother of all battleground states, but it’s also one of four key states where the Hispanic vote could […]

Latinos and Immigration: More Customized Messages From Senator McCain

Posted on: 16 Sep 2008

As he campaigned across Florida this week, Sen. John McCain gave a Latino audience in Orlando a version of his stump speech that differed significantly from speeches he gave to other Florida audiences. Speaking at a town hall meeting at the Asociación Borinqueña de Orlando, a Puerto Rican group, McCain told the audience that he […]

The Obamas and Immigration: A Top Priority?

Posted on: 15 Sep 2008

Not only does Sen. John McCain present his stance on immigration differently when talking to Spanish-language media (as we showed yesterday.) So do the Obamas. A few days ago, Michelle Obama was interviewed by one of the top Spanish-language radio hosts in the country, Eddie Piolín Sotelo, on his Piolín en la mañana show. Mrs. […]

McCain and The Border Fence: Denial on Spanish-language TV

Posted on: 15 Sep 2008

Just after the Republican National Convention ended, the party’s nominee Sen. John McCain sat down for an interview with a major American network. It wasn’t ABC, NBC or CBS: he was interviewed by Jorge Ramos, Univision‘s lead anchor and the host of the show Al Punto which focuses on politics. The network’s web site summed […]