Author: Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska

Bio: Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, and has lived in Queens, NY, since 2001. A former Feet in 2 Worlds reporter, Ewa now works as a staff reporter for covering Queens. She was formerly a reporter for Nowy Dzienik/The Polish Daily News, where she covered stories about Polish immigrants in the U.S.


Polish Community Shocked by Treatment of Polish Citizens at U.S. Border

Posted on: 24 Dec 2008

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska, Polish Daily News and FI2W reporter This year ends with an unpleasant intervention by Poland’s diplomatic staff at the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw. At issue are recent cases of Poles who were denied entry to the U.S. at the New York area airports. While no one […]

Future of the Missile Defense Project in Poland Uncertain Under an Obama Administration

Posted on: 17 Nov 2008

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska, Polish Daily News and FI2W reporter The first phone conversation between Polish president Lech Kaczynski and U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, which took place the Friday after the election, has already caused diplomatic confusion, as apparently they had different understandings of what was said. The next day, President Kaczynski issued a statement on […]

Polish American Community Welcomes President-Elect Obama, Expects Attention to Issues of Interest

Posted on: 11 Nov 2008

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska, Polish Daily News and FI2W reporter Alex Storozynski, a Polish American writer, describes the victory of President-elect Barack Obama as “a victory for intellectualism over ignorance.” He pointed out that it could be very beneficial for the Polish American community: Obama’s choice of congressman Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff offers […]

Election Fever in Greenpoint: Polish Immigrants Form Long Lines to Vote

Posted on: 04 Nov 2008

GREENPOINT, NY – Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska, Polish Daily News and FI2W reporter A long line of voters crowded around P.S. 34 on Norman Avenue in Greenpoint, a predominantly Polish neighborhood in Brooklyn. The line was at times so long –in the morning at any given moment there were around 300 voters– that some people just gave […]

From One-Party Rule to the Two-Party System: Polish, Russian Immigrants Cautious as they Register to Vote

Posted on: 25 Sep 2008

It took Ryszard Klimek seven years to register to vote. Since he became a citizen in 2001, American politics was not a subject of his interest. “Politics in my country is a parody. So I lost interest in it and I didn’t feel like getting involved here either,” says Ryszard, 35, who came to America […]

Polish Americans Divided on US-Poland Missile Agreement

Posted on: 23 Aug 2008

Polish Americans and Polish immigrants living in the US offered a variety of reactions to the missile shield agreement signed this week by the US and Poland. According to US officials the 10 interceptor missiles to be placed on Polish soil are intended to protect the US and its allies from an attack by a […]

Polish-American Voters' Top Issues: the Visa Waiver Program and Missile Defense

Posted on: 01 Jul 2008

The courting of Latino voters by Senators John McCain and Barack Obama has been highly publicized because of the potential power of this group in the general election. Both candidates appeared at the National Association of Latino Elected Officials conference last week and will appear before another major Latino group, the National Council of La […]