Belly Dancers in Detroit: Fi2W’s Martina Guzmán on WDET’s The Craig Fahle Show

"The beautiful belly dancer spins," by tibchris/flickr.

If you want to make a living as a belly dancer, Detroit is the place to be.

This is according to the latest piece by Feet in 2 Worlds and WDET reporter Martina Guzmán, who explored how Arab Americans in the Motor City metropolitan area try to maintain this tradition from their home countries.

Belly dancers in Detroit are hired for weddings, christenings, nightclubs and sporting events. Martina looks at how this ancient and often misunderstood form of dance reflects cultural conflicts and cultural pride in the largest Middle Eastern community in the U.S.

The piece aired on February 22 on WDET’s The Craig Fahle Show, which you can visit here.

Press play below to listen:


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