Fi2W on the Radio: Artist Captures Napa’s Undocumented Vineyard Workers Laboring While Wildfires Burn

Arleene Correa Valencia in a vineyard in the Napa Valley. Photo: Rachael Bongiorno

When wildfires ripped through California’s Napa Valley in October 2017, local artist Arleene Correa Valencia was shocked to hear that farm workers were continuing to work in the vineyards — even as smoke surrounded the area and local residents were evacuating.

Outraged, Correa turned to her art — painting — to highlight the dangerous conditions in which immigrant workers, particularly undocumented ones, are forced to labor. She took photos of the scene to create oil paintings, which are the focus of her upcoming series, En Tiempo de Crisis, In Times of Crisis.

Feet in 2 Worlds’ managing editor Rachael Bongiorno produced a story about Correa for NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday.

Listen to her story

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