Goalllll! The Changing Face of Ice Hockey- the Fi2W Podcast

“Hockey in New Jersey” an after school program where kids play ice hockey for free. Photo: Hockey in New Jersey

“No one was allowed to change the channel or leave the room while the puck was in play – it was a sacred ritual.”

When you think of passionate hockey fans, you probably don’t imagine four Sri Lankan kids in Toronto sitting in a room with their eyes glued to an NHL game on TV.

You’d probably be just as surprised to hear about young Latino kids heading to after-school hockey practice in New Jersey. But as Shagana Ehamparam discovered, the face of hockey is starting to change across Canada and the U.S. 

With TV networks offering play-by-play of NHL games in Punjabi, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and Italian, and youth hockey programs gaining popularity in immigrant neighborhoods, hockey is starting to change from a mostly white sport.  It’s also helping people in immigrant communities feel less like outsiders.


This podcast is the first in a series that was produced as part of the Telling Immigrant Stories course at The New School.

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