Indian Immigrants and the Delhi Gang Rape Case: Aswini Anburajan on PRI’s The World

Aswini Anburajan (Photo:  Jocelyn Gonzales, Fi2W)

Aswini Anburajan (Photo: Jocelyn Gonzales, Fi2W)

BuzzFeed’s Aswini Anburajan, a contributor to Fi2W and a former Fi2W blog editor, focused on gender roles among Indian immigrants in the U.S. in an interview on PRI’s The World on Monday.  Anburajan was asked to comment on the response among Indian immigrants to the Delhi gang rape case.

“Even among the men in her own family, Anburajan said, there was a sense that sexual violence simply happens and that women need to be better protected, by men. “That’s what it comes down to, right? They need to be ‘in their proper place’, they need to be ‘protected’, and, when the time is right, that protection goes from the parents to the husband.


Listen to Aswini Anburajan on The World.

Read her recent column in BuzzFeed, How Indian Attitudes Towards Sex Are Hurting Rape Victims.

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