Making “A Better Life?”: A Podcast on Centering Underrepresented Voices in Journalism: Episode 11 of our Podcast Series, “A Better Life?”

Members of the team that produced “A Better Life?” Clockwise from top left: Host Zahir Janmohamed, executive editor John Rudolph, senior producer and engineer Jocelyn Gonzales, reporter Maritza L. Félix, and executive producer Mia Warren.

What happens when a group of journalists from immigrant backgrounds gets together in the middle of a pandemic to make a podcast about the American Dream? 

In a conversation moderated by veteran editor and reporter Carolina González (Latino USA, The NY Daily News), the team who made the A Better Life? podcast discusses decision-making, editing choices, and lessons learned that can help other news organizations and production teams.

The conversation was originally presented before a live audience on Zoom on December 3rd, 2020.

A Better Life? is a ten-part series about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on immigrants across the U.S. Read more about the series here.


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