Podcast: Reporting on Religion for and about New Americans


Reem Nasr and Martyna Starosta with Fi2W’s John Rudolph in the studio. Photo: Rachael Bonjiorno

Religion is a sensitive subject.  It can be especially sensitive in immigrant communities where there is a strong link between faith and culture, and where faith is often an integral part how people see themselves. What it’s like, then, to be a journalist who reports on religion for media that serves immigrant audiences?

How do you report on issues of faith, religion and spirituality to the very people who are dealing with those issues?

As part of our online magazine Faith in Translation,  Fi2W’s John Rudolph spoke with two journalists who are deep into these subjects.  Reem Nasr is one of the hosts of the radio show “Muslim State of Mind” on WBAI in New York, and Martyna Starosta is a video journalist with The Jewish Daily Forward. 

Listen to the conversation

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