Podcast: Something I Can’t Unsee – The Siege of the U.S. Capitol and Biden’s Inauguration Through Immigrant Eyes

Clockwise from top left: Macollvie Neel, Maritza L. Félix, Carolina González and Zahir Janmohamed.

At the start of the Biden administration and just weeks after the siege at the U.S. Capitol, how are immigrants responding to this moment? Three senior journalists in the Feet in 2 Worlds network discuss the opportunities and risks, and the trauma they continue to grapple with from the past four years. Carolina González moderates this conversation with Zahir Janmohamed, Maritza L. Félix and Macollvie Neel.

This podcast is part of A Better Life?, a series about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on immigrants across the U.S. Read more about the series here.





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