Reunion – The Dream City Podcast, Episode 3


Adrielle Grant recalls the day his mother kicked him out. “That’s when she told me, ‘you can’t live in this house, cuz I don’t want no gays in this house.’ Then she said she would kiss her mother’s grave if she if she knew I was gonna be gay.”

Adrielle was one of thousands of homeless, young, gay immigrants in New York City when he told his story to Fi2W’s Von Diaz in 2011.   Today, as the city faces a deepening homeless crisis, Adrielle’s life offers a ray of hope.  Not only is he no longer homeless, Adrielle, who now goes by the name Leroy, has his own apartment and is in college studying to be a social worker.

Von and Leroy recently got together with Dream City producer Jocelyn Gonzales to talk about the making of that original story and Leroy’s journey since then, including a reunion with his mother.

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