Schooled by Their Mothers, These Men Carry On Family Recipes

“If my dad had known how to make asado (Argentine barbecue), I’m sure he would have taught me,” recalls Silvio La Frossia.  But it was La Frossia’s mother who showed him how to grill meats in the traditional way.  For Gary DiDona, learning how to make mom’s Sunday pasta sauce, or “gravy” as it was called in his household, was a process of observing her over many years and then trying to replicated it on his own.

Both La Frossia and DiDona are hosts for About Men Radio.  Listen as they share their culinary memories in stories produced with our friends at Cowbird.

DiDona’s story is called Mom Was Taking Care of Everything.

Grilling Gaucho Style is the title of La Frossia’s story.

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