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Remembering Colombia’s Political Prisoners: An Interview with Ingrid Betancourt

In early December, the Colombia’s FARC guerrillas announced plans to liberate...

Colombian Hit "Paraiso Travel" Shows the Underside of Immigrant’s American Dream

By Diego Graglia, FI2W web editor Angélica Blandón and Aldemar Correa star in...

For Trade Talks, Dial 57: Obama, Colombia's Uribe and the Future of the Free Trade Agreement

By Diego Graglia, FI2W web editor Colombian Pres. Alvaro Uribe (Photo: Colombian...

McCain’s Gamble on Colombia

Senator and Republican presidential candidate John McCain is betting he can win the...

Scrappy Foods: Frugal Cooks Invented These 10 Beloved Dishes from Around the World

Luscious leftover dishes from immigrant kitchens with links to recipes.

On Super Bowl Sunday African Eyes Are Focused Half a World Away

A Colombian sports writer joins fans around NYC to watch the African Cup of Nations

Brokenhearted? Have a Heart Condition? A Botanica May Offer a Cure

Hundreds of stores selling herbal remedies offer emotional and spiritual support to...
Food In 2 WorldsStories

Maria Cano and Auria Abraham: Creating a Legacy for the Next Generation

Part of a series of conversations between women food professionals of different...
Food In 2 WorldsStories

Feeding the Street: The Untold Story of Women Vendors in New York 

NYC has about 25-thousand street vendors, nearly half are women.

Introducing the Feet in 2 Worlds Magazine: Redefining the American Dream

What’s the American Dream for today’s immigrants? Check out articles,...