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Georgia, Latinos, and the Latino Vote

Georgia closed its legislative session last week without passing SB 458, a proposed anti-immigration law. Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, believes that’s because the state’s appetite for draconian immigration laws is diminishing.

De Leon: Young Immigrants Can Meet the U.S. Need for Skilled Workers

Instead of focusing on H-1B visas for international workers, we should train the DREAM Act eligible youth here in the U.S. for skilled manufacturing jobs.


I am UndocuQueer – A Young, Undocumented, Gay Artist Advocates for the DREAM Act

Julio Salgado uses visual art to raise awareness about the challenges of being undocumented and gay.

De Leon: Democrats Should Not Capitulate on the ARMS Act

By granting a path to citizenship only to those who sign up for the military, the bill precludes many undocumented youth who can contribute much to our economy and national well-being.

De Leon: The ARMS Act Does Not Make Sense

The Adjusted Residency for Military Service Act – the ARMS Act – is a pruned version of the DREAM Act. It gives undocumented youth a chance to legalize their status if they join the military, but there are no benefits for pursuing higher education.

In State of the Union, President Obama Lowers Expectations on Immigration

The President proposed small steps to improve the immigration system, focusing on the DREAM Act and the need to change the policy of sending foreign students home after they graduate from U.S. colleges and universities.


Drifting Youth: Undocumented and Awkward

This YouTube series produced by undocumented youth uses situational comedy to express the predicament of living paperless in the U.S.


2011 – A Year of Activism for the DREAM Act and Undocumented Immigrant Youth

Undocumented youth activists stepped up their game in 2011, organizing civil disobedience actions, online video campaigns, and support for state-level DREAM Acts that would aid in tuition-relief.


Podcast: DREAM Activists Protest Alabama’s Anti-Immigration Law

A nation-wide network of young undocumented immigrants, their parents and their supporters in Congress are flocking to Alabama to protest that state’s harsh new anti-immigration law. Hear their voices in this Fi2W podcast.

Undocumented Immigrant Students at Brooklyn College Form ‘DREAM Team’

A group of undocumented students have formed an advocacy group on campus to support each other and fight for passage of the DREAM Act.