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A Pakistani man at a protest against NATO attacks in Pakistan

Podcast: Immigrants Seek a Constructive Role in US-Pakistan Crisis

Relations between the U.S. and Pakistan are at an all time low, presenting challenges for Pakistani immigrants in the U.S. In this Feet in Two Worlds podcast, Pakistani-American journalist Mohsin Zaheer talks about immigrants torn between their native country and their adopted home.

The Democrats and Pakistan

Senator Joe Biden set the stage last week for a renewed US focus on Pakistan and Afghanistan if Barack Obama makes it to the White House this fall. The vice presidential nominee, in his acceptance speech at Denver’s Pepsi Center…

Obama Softens on Pakistan. A Pakistani journalist asks why?

Barack Obama’s trip to active combat theaters around the world has raised an important question: Is Obama having after-thoughts about his hard line policy for dealing with Pakistan, or has he changed his views to accommodate the on-the-ground realities he…

Letter from America

America on Road to Verdict – A Split One (This article was originally written for Defence Journal) By Jehangir Khattak Pakistan has frequently been mentioned by almost all the candidates from both sides of the political divide. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s name…