Undocumented Immigrants in Arizona: FI2W’s Valeria Fernández on New America Now Radio

Feet in 2 Worlds reporter Valeria Fernández was interviewed on the latest edition of the New America Now radio program to talk about the recent passage of a law in Arizona that forces public employees to report undocumented immigrants to the authorities if they apply for federal or state benefits.

The law has caused confusion because people in immigrant communities are not sure to which public services it applies.

“People are confused. People have many, many questions. They don’t know if they can take their children to the doctor, they don’t know if they can take them to get immunizations,” Valeria explained to host Odette Keeley during the show.

You can listen to the interview and the whole show at the New America Now website. Or you can press play below for the segment where Valeria appeared.

(The interview begins after the 5:00 mark.)

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