Fi2W’s Forum on DREAM Activists and the Immigrant Rights Movement

Documented and undocumented youth rally for passage of the Dream Act in Times Square - Photo: Sarah Kramer

Documented and undocumented youth rally for passage of the Dream Act in Times Square. (Photo: Sarah Kramer)

Tens of thousands of youth graduate high school each year in the US with an inherited title: “undocumented immigrant.” Passage of the DREAM Act would make many undocumented young people legal residents, start them on a path to citizenship and make them eligible for financial aid if they finish college or serve in the military. While Congress considers—and delays—passage, legislators in states nationwide are debating and passing measures of their own. And a new generation of activists are “outing” themselves as undocumented Americans, giving the immigrant rights movement a new, more aggressive face. What is the status of the national DREAM Act campaign, and those being pursued state-by-state? Are the new activist strategies proving effective? And what are the political implications of young, undocumented immigrants taking a central role in the movement for immigrant rights?

Feet in Two Worlds is presenting a forum on the DREAM Act from 6-8 PM tonight at the New School. Watch the live webcast here. Twitter hashtag is #DreamForumNYC.

Opening remarks by Jose Antonio Vargas, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Founder, Define American

Followed by a conversation with:

Location: Theresa Lang Community and Student Center, Arnhold Hall, 55 West 13th Street, 2nd floor. Admission is free.

Supported by New York Community Trust, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, the Milano Foundation and the Sirus Fund

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